Frequently Asked Questions

Although many people may consider medical tourism, they often have reservations about actually taking the opportunity offered by this form of treatment, we have prepared a list of some of the most common questions that we have been asked by clients before they actually come to us for treatment. If these do not answer your questions, then please feel free to contact us, just complete our contact form and we will be happy to answer any question you might have.

How can I ask for an appointment?

You can ask for an appointment by filling out our free quote form.

How can I travel to Serbia?

Daily low cost flights are available through a great number of airlines. We do not book your flights, but we can assist you in your flight organization. Also you can travel by train, boat or your private car. Whatever is your choice of travel we can assist you in order to get to our clinic in safest, fastest and what is most important cheapest way possible.

Where can I stay?

We offer a wide range of accommodation possibilities from hostels, hotels or private accommodation depending on your needs. Please note that we provide a Free ride between your hotel and clinic for all dental appointments if you allow us to book your hotel. If your hotel is not close to the clinic we shall charge you a fee for transportation.

How will I get from the airport to my hotel?

An English speaking company representative will be awaiting you upon arrival with our Complimentary Airport ride to your chosen accommodation or directly to the clinic depending on your arrival time!

How will I get to the Dental surgery?

Your guide will pick you up in the morning and take you to your first appointment with your dentist.

How will I communicate with my Dental Team?

All members of our team speak fluent English. If a language that is not on our list is required, we would gladly arrange for an interpreter.

What are the credentials of your dentists?

Our dentists are famous throughout the field for their high qualification, expertise and practical experience so their credentials are up to par with any of those in the western countries. All our dentists are registered with the Serbian Chamber of Dentists.

How long should I stay?

When you get in contact with us either through e-mail or phone based on your description we shall be in a position to inform you of the length of stay needed. The exact stay required can only be said if you complete our “GET A FREE QUOTE” form, you will be advised about the length of treatment and the number of visits required. If you need a crown or bridgeworks it takes 5 weekday to complete or two separate visits a week apart. Implants require an initial 3-4 day stay and a 6 day return visit after 4-6 months. In all cases before your treatment starts our doctors will examine your dental situation thoroughly and give you a detailed treatment plan. Veneers usually require an approx. 6 day stay or visiting us twice for 1 or 2 days. Dentures require a 3-4 days visit in most cases. For other treatments, please contact us for more details.

How much money can I save?

Crowns, bridges or implants can cost 3-4 times more in Europe or USA dental facilities than in Serbian European standard dental facilities. Savings of hundreds of euros can be made even after taking into account the cost of flights and accommodation.

Procedure Prices USA Prices Europe Save with us
Tooth Whitening $300-600 300-600€ 50-75%
Bridges $2000 1500-2200€ 50%
White Fillings $150 50-120€ 50-75%
Crowns $900-1500 600-1200€ 70-80%
Veneers $900-1350 700-1250€ 50-80%
Dentures $1500-2500 1100-3600€ 50-80%
Dental Implants $3000 2500-5000€ 50-75%
Root Canal $500-$1100 300-1250€ 50-80%
Cosmetic Dentistry $2500-4000 2200-5000€ 50-75%
Oral Surgery $3000-5000 2500-5500€ 60-80%

Prices may change due to the value and fluctuation of the U.S. Dollar an Euro in the world market. Prices were accurate at time of research and will give an estimate of savings.

How do I pay?

The costs of the dental treatment you will pay directly at the clinic. You may settle your bill by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or you may pay by cash. For payments with cash a 3% discount is provided! Please note that if you pay by credit card there could be additional fees due to bank fees and conversion fees charged by your bank.

What will happen if something goes wrong after leaving?

In the unlikely case that you require more extensive work we suggest to take immediately contact with our clinic to rectify the problem.

Where can I spend my free time?

The team of Innovative Dental Care will help you find the program that suits you the most. At your request we are able to organize day trips on your non-treatment day(s) and help you to spend your free time, suggest restaurants, museums, concerts.

How do I get around in Novi Sad?

We will arrange transportation to all locations that you want to visit. Public transportation in Novi Sad is excellent. Taxis are readily available 24 hours a day.

Who can I contact in case of an emergency?

Your orientation packet which you will receive at your arrival will contain mobile phone for call our agent local emergency access numbers, Embassy information, and a company hotline.