About us

Dental Tour Savings is an Medical Tourism Company based in Novi Sad – Serbia, scheduling dental healthcare services by combining treatment and holiday. Today the term medical tourism is fairly well understood, growing increasingly popular for many medical services. We operate with a brand new fully computerised technique that ensure optimal results. The Dental Tour Savings Clinic has its own dental laboratory staffed by highly qualified technicians. Unlike in the UK and USA, the dental technician is involved in the consultation with the dentist and can examine your teeth in person (not just from an impression).


Why Should You Consider Dental Tour Savings?

Why do people want to travel huge distances around the world to undergo medical procedures? The answer is simple, affordable healthcare. Not to mention a little bit of leisure and peaceful recuperation in complete anonymity. The practice of comfortably travelling abroad to have your medical procedure performed by highly qualified surgeons at some of the most advanced medical centres in the world has obvious appeal. We care for you at all stages of your treatment, and are committed to providing you the best patient care services and ensuring that you receive most appropriate treatment available. We recognise that all patients are different and we strive to provide that extra level of care that makes the Dental Tour Savings unique.

Why Is Medical Tourism Becoming Popular?

Our dedicated team have a broad understanding of the latest dental techniques to make your teeth look better and healthier with access to numerous highly qualified dentists. We have the breadth of understanding to offer a wide range of services from facial aesthetics to cosmetic dentistry, dental health advice to holistic treatments. Dental Tour Savings is dedicated to providing personalized, high quality travel care services centred on each patient. We are a full service agency with a history of meeting the health care needs of our clients.

What We Do For You?

Our business was born in 2012, since then we have been regularly travelling across Europe building valuable understanding and creating expert links to produce a multinational team that can provide an unparalleled service for our clients. With patient across Europe we can offer help and assistance in your local language. Through personalised treatment plans and estimates of costs we can offer you everything you need to make a valued decision on when you want your treatment. Due to our extensive travel experience your personal patient coordinator can help you find the best deal for travel and accommodation, working with recognised travel consultants that can offer you the peace of mind that you will need and will invariably demand.